T1D London Meetups
T1D London Meetups

Where It All Began


Back in 2015 being a Type 1 diabetic in London was a lonely place to be. Type 1 is a real pain in the ass, we do a great job of just carrying on regardless but unless you live with this you will never fully understand. From the outside people would never know how much effort goes into just existing with an invisible illness.

Then Ewelina had the idea of getting some Type 1's together to meet up and have a coffee. A chance to meet up with other people who really get it.

T1D London Meetups was born. 

Our group started life on the Diabetes.co.uk forums and has grown from strength to strength. We now have over 100 followers on Twitter and more than 300 members in our Facebook group.

The value of peer support and meetups like ours is huge, if you have never met up with other Type 1's this is your chance. Come along to our next meetup, you will love it.

Check out who is who at our meetups, over on the Usual Suspects page, if you wish to have your bio included so others know a little about you as well please email Bri and he will add you to the page.

The Usual Suspects

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