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T1D London Meetups - Making Diabetes Social

 Welcome To Our Website

The official website of T1D London Meetups Facebook group. Our own little corner of the web with all the latest info about upcoming meetups as well as links to some other great diabetes websites and social media pages.


Together we will ''Make Diabetes Social''


These events are held regularly in London and are growing ever more popular.

We'd love to see lots of new faces at our next meetup. 

If you are interested in coming along please get in touch.


Our Next Meetup


The next meetup  is now booked.

When - Saturday 24th March from 2pm till late.

Where -

Venue to be confirmed shortly - Check The Facebook Group


Why - Why not? Come along and meet some great people and make some new diabuddies

Look At What You Have Been Missing

Have a look here at what makes our meetups so special. 

Hope to see you at our future events.

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